Perseverance Pays Off!

Jammey Harroun was nominated and now has been chosen as a finalist for the Glenn Sheppard Leadership Award. Glenn Sheppard is a well-regarded entrepreneur and speaker on the fundamentals of business management. His annual award represents a leader who leads by example and sees the value in employee development. Jammey Harroun is one of those leaders and was nominated by Ann Austad.


Jammey started at AFI as a temporary worker in 2000. He has grown and developed his leadership skills ever since. He first worked his way to Line Lead, then Second Shift Manager, and now Operations Manager. Ann Austad (Logistics Manager) says, “Jammey has consistently shown his work ethic to everyone at this company, by example. He also uses his intuitive nature to relate to employees’ needs and yet is consistent with any discipline that needs to happen. I personally have witnessed Jammey’s growth as a manager; first from the Human Resources aspect for 10 years and now more recently from the production standpoint.” Jammey truly sees the value in every employee and believes everyone deserves a chance no matter their background or situation.


Congratulations Jammey on being a finalist!


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