A New Venture in North Carolina

 Associated Finishing has officially expanded beyond the borders of Minnesota for the first time in our history. AFI Carolina, is located in Statesville, NC about forty-five minutes north of Charlotte. The opportunity to start a production facility popped up in North Carolina and it was attractive because of its growing industrial market, existing customer base, and close support of some business partners. Starting a facility outside of a day’s drive from Mankato is new to us and comes with its challenges, but it is a step in the future of our growth.

AFIC was officially started January 1st of this year. The original jobs in the door were painting screw heads, off-road truck equipment, and miscellaneous parts for a local OEM. The current equipment is set up best to cater to metal fabricators and OEM’s needing a durable industrial finish that flashes at their customers. The knowledge of over 60 years in the finishing industry in the Midwest will ensure that the Statesville area will have proven system for high performance coatings for years to come.

Housed in a 10,000 sq ft building in the Statesville’s industrial park, the facility is outfitted with two paint booths, a 20’ blast room,  two 12’ ovens, and a  16’ spray-bay. The building is set up to both powder coat and liquid paint staying consistent the company’s vision to always remain as flexible as possible in our production capabilities. Starting small, the production team had three employees that were working parts through the process. The production throughput has been ramping up all year and AFIC has now grown to six full time production employees. AFI’s QC manager Collin Schreyer relocated to the area to lead the team while maintaining Quality Coordinator responsibilities for all plants.  The plan is to keep growing steadily, adding capacity in both equiment and employees, as stronger relationships are built within the area.

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